Our Mission

Our mission is to foster resilient communities that promote healing and well-being through collaboration, education and community engagement. Our vision is a trauma-informed Ottawa.



We are strongly committed to increasing the quality and availability of trauma responsive services.

Research &


Through research and collaboration, our goal is to mobilize the community as a partner to build resilience.

Certified &


We strive towards a Trauma Informed community. Our members are certified and trained in the principles of Trauma Informed Care.



Together we can ensure that children and families in Ottawa have access to quality services rooted in trauma informed care.

1.2 million children and youth in Canada are affected by mental health – yet, less than 20% will receive appropriate treatment. 

0% of Canadians have been exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. 
0/4 of children attending school have been exposed to a traumatic event that can affect learning and/or behaviour.
0% of refugee youth had their first mental health care contact at the emergency room

Our Vision

Moving towards collective healing and connection.

Trauma Informed Ottawa recognizes the traumatic impact of displacement on many communities living in Ottawa. We hope to create a trauma informed community that promotes social belonging and acceptance. The more we recognize the impact of social exclusion, isolation, racism and discrimination on the health and well-being of communities – the closer we are moving towards collective healing and connection.

Together we can build a resilient community.